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Listen to Jeff Talk about his artwork in the syndicated Jumble puzzle and discuss the making of Risk Taking Is Free!

The interview starts 12 minutes into the program.

Click here to listen

     Risk Taking Is Free was created by the multi talented,inventor, artist,
musician, and songwriter, Jeff Knurek. The songs within RTIF are as diverse in
style as are Jeff’s influences. Knurek cites Poi Dog Pondering, Wilco, the
Beatles, Mavis Staples, Lyle Lovett, and Harry Chapin as a few of his
muses. From the reflective, country sound of My Highway to the optimistic,
Beatlesque Rainbow Love and the rocking I Love You Too, every song shares a
story that you will connect with on one level or another.  Jeff originally set out to share his songs with his family and friends, but slowly realized his music was much more than he ever expected. The title song, Risk Taking Is
Free!, is meant to inspire one to take risks. Listen to and enjoy the many sounds and stories that Knurek has to offer in this, his gift of songs and advice, on knowing that Risk Taking Is Free!


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