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About taking this risk......

Risk Taking is Free, was a poem that I received from a friend as I was moving during my Senior year in high school. It has been an inspiration for the things I do and believe. My love for music and love for creating drove me to record these stories and sounds so that I could share them beyond my basement office. I’m so happy to have taken this risk and place my thoughts and dreams in front of the crowd.

I dedicate these songs to my wife and children. For without, this would be all for nothing.
Casey, I cannot thank you enough for believing in me and your encouragement. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have
done this without you.
Frank, you’ve inspired me in so many different ways for so many years. Mahalo brother!

For all the sounds and words, thank you: Kara, Ben, Ryan, Georgette, Mavis, Jeff, Paul, John, Elvis, Elvis, Harry, Lyle, John, Joe, Juliana, Bruce, Bob, Pete, Jim, Eddie, Brian, Eva, Jack, James, Joni, Tom, Van, Natalie, Eddie, Christine and many others. There are far too many of you to thank for inspiring me in this creative endeavor.

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